Local Preview: Aldie, Virginia & Delaplane, Virginia

As part of our year long goal to visit every Virginia state park, we headed west to Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane and stopped in Aldie along the way.  

Sky Meadows State Park: I've been to Sky Meadows multiple times and must say it's one of our favorite spots in Northern Virginia.  It's surprising how few people visit this park, located just 60 miles from DC and closer than Shenandoah National Park with miles of trails, cows, chickens (new!), campsites, ponds for fishing, and more.  If you haven't been, and especially if you have kids, put it on your to do list for the summer but be sure to dress accordingly; Aspen and Koa came back with more ticks than I've ever seen.  I think we're going to see a bad tick season if this weekend is any preview (ugh! tips for combatting them welcomed).

Aldie Mill: I took the long way via route 50 and finally stopped at Aldie's historic Mill.  So glad we did as it was pet friendly!  The two tour guides couldn't have been more generous; they saw me snapping pictures of Koa and Aspen near the mill and told us to come in for the next tour.  It's a quick tour but perfect for kids because you see how the mill works and you even get to touch the grain produced by their short demo.

Here's a preview of our weekend but more to come -

Koa and Aspen sit inside one of the fireplaces at historic Aldie Mill.

Koa enjoys the cow from a distance.